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postheadericon Top 10 Poker Sites for Poker Lovers

Poker is now extending its roots all over the world via online mode, with players regularly competing to earn real money.

Playing online poker at home is extremely convenient. Not to mention that it’s better and safer than going for a real poker spot. All that a poker fan has to do is install the software, deposit the money, and off they go. On the internet, countless websites sometimes make it very hard for you to find the best poker site; both from an enjoyment and economic viewpoint.

With so many different sites to choose from, here are some of the top 10 poker sites around the globe. Hopefully, you will enjoy a successful poker career at one of them.

List of Top Ten Poker Sites

  1. 888 Poker:This online poker site is rated as the number one site all over the world, and gives great software plus the fishiest players. The welcome package at 888 Poker can go as high as $4500.
  2. bet365:This site provides a huge sign-up bonus of 200 percent. bet365 is one of the most trusted online gaming sites, and it features high traffic and soft competition that attracts thousands.
  3. Carbon Poker:This site is also in the lists of top 10 poker sites. Part of the Caron Network, it has a high traffic peak even when others are low. It only offers small jackpots but offers a seamless play.
  4. Betfair:Gives easy poker tournaments for all its members. It also provides a great chance for exchanging all over the globe and is considered as the world’s largest betting providers.
  5. PokerStars:This site is one of the biggest online poker sites around the world. The main features of PokerStars are its excellent VIP loyalty program and Sunday Millions poker tournament. Both give high chances to earn more money continually.
  6. Titan Pokerand Titan Bet: Both are part of one of the largest poker networks in the world. This site is very popular in the European countries and often gives different promotions.
  7. Party Poker:This is very popular around the globe, in which many soft poker tournaments are given up to 50 percent cash back rewards.
  8. Americas Cardroom:This site is also known as a Formerly Doyle’s room. It is considered one of the biggest and best sites for US players.
  9. Bet Online:This is the most broadly accepted online portal that is well received and played only by the USA players. It provides sports betting and casino. Bet Online’s main feature is the fast deposits and withdrawals.
  10. PKR:The PKR poker game is the first and the best 3D software game, which provides exciting games for many soft players. It allows all its users to create an Avatar of their own.

Best Poker Sites Conclusion

The above mentioned are some of the sites that have created magical and high expectations all around the globe in the field of online poker games. They offer more appealing user interfaces, game plays, and jackpots that attract millions and millions of poker lovers to try their hands and win some easy money


Poker is a widely played and most loved casino game. It can make great money for if you keep practising and beginner’s luck won’t last very long. It is a game of employing strategies and being all ears as opponents may surprise you with their moves, to be one up on them is to keep playing and practising with lower stakes till you can have a hang of playing judi online.


How to make the money roll

The players get free roll tournaments which are provided for select customers. But there are other poker listings sites which will allow you to enrol without cash and participate in many tournaments. Free rolls are for certain groups, clubs, regions etc. And if you get by such sites then choose the best one and that is beneficial to you.


Poker bonuses are not handed out as you enter but the sites make sure that you play a certain number of hands before the bonus is handed out to you. The bonuses are based on frequent player points, so it’s necessary for the  player top play as many hands as he can after signing on to an online poker site within a few weeks and get back as much as he/she can from the bonus that can be availed which is for a limited period.

Most games like judi online are easy and you just have to plug in and choose the stakes, number of players to play with etc. There arecategories for cash games, sit ons or tournaments. You have check out these carefully and find out which ones you want play or be part of. They are called player online lobbies.


The beginner tables are slower and it is recommended to those who trying their hand on poker for the first time. The experienced players can play more number of tables and the stakes are higher and it gets very complicated in the end the player with require a certain level of mastery and skill to defeat the opponent and conquer.

You should be tracking your results as you play and you The sites always want more players to participate hence they put up very enticing sign up bonuses wherein if you deposit a certain amount you are promised an equal amount if you have played enough qualifying rounds.There are unlock and lock bonuses. The high amounted ones have the lock bonuses obviously and the unlock-ones can be of small amount or no money at all.Checking around for best bonuses will help and you get best bonuses through third party sites or even tournament tickets.

postheadericon All You Need to Know Before Trying Your Hands at Blackjack

It’s hard to find the best casino games online because there are numerous options to choose from and you might be confused how to play online. When you rely on quantity the biggest category to worry about is “slots,” you have the liberty to find theme-based slot. The interesting part of playing the online poker game is you don’t have to wait for a table to open.

You can find the theme-based slots on almost everything that you have imagined. You get different slots with the variations of jackpot levels. Apart from slots, there are casinos that offer a variety of traditional games, like blackjack and roulette that can be table games, live games, and qq poker games.

What are card games?

Card games are the mostpopular and one of the ancient games in the poker world. These traditional games have interesting variations of which blackjack has successfully spread its charm on online casinos too!

You also have the option to play against the computer in offline modes. But by joining a live match at a gaming house you can play with other online gamers and can even have a chat with them. These online card games can give you the experience of real gaming. There are many casinos that offer a series of variations in poker games, such as three card pokers, Jacks or Better, Texas Hold’em, Stud, Deuces Wild Double Up, and more.

Blackjack is themost prominent game played around the world and it’s also the most happening game on the online casino sites. Therules of blackjack are quite simple and easy to understand.

Rules of blackjack

Blackjack is played with one to eight card decks, and each card is associated with a value that can be used at the winning moment. In this game, the hand should finally be equal to 21 and the bets have to be placed before your cards are dealt. However in few blackjack games, it’s possible to surrender after the hand is dealt or if you don’t have any winning chances left. This move will help you from losing your entire bet and let you save some money.

In online blackjack, you have to decide what you’re going to bet before the hand. You can add the chips to place the bet and remove the chips once you have won the bet. If you want to “hit” then take another card from your deck, and to “double” you can increase your bet by giving away one more card.

Objective of blackjack

The vital goal of blackjack is to get close to 21, using fewer cards as possible. If you can deal with the best hand that has a card value of 10 plus ace, then you have maximum winning chances. The minimum hand value that can increase your winning chances is 17.The advantage of blackjack is you double your money if you win. Make sure you place the bets before you dealt the cards.You can even double your bet by making better moves than your dealer.

Card values in blackjack

In blackjack, the cards have numerical valuesfrom two to 10. The queens, kings, and jacks in the deck are generally considered face cards, and the face cards have the value of 10.

You can choose to have an ace and either count it one or 11, meaning with just two cards you have a chance to score 21. Sometimes you might cross 21 and lose thebet;in such cases you must try folding your card and saving at least half your bet amount. You must have a minimum of 17 in your hand to place a bet again.

How a blackjack table looks

The live blackjack that you play in a casino, takes place in a semi-circular table that includes 5 to 6 players, who’re allowed to sit at the circular edge. The chips are arranged on the center of the tableand the dealer stands at the straight edge. Online blackjack features similar design to give you the authentic feel of playing on a live table.

A majority of qq online poker sites offer exciting winning jackpots and breathtaking experience. You only need to sign up with the online casino website to enjoy their perks. You can get several benefits in online casinos, just like in the live gaming clubs. There are many online poker sites that are convenient and give their users hours of unlimited fun.


postheadericon Best Source Place For Poker Games

When you concern playing poker games, you can consider sohopoker as it is the famous site which serves more gambling games like poker, dominoqq, ceme, black jack, capsa flats, live poker in Indonesia by using real money. It is proud to be present as one of the reliable sites which has certificate from official first Cagayan. It has no bot and fair play. It provides warm and best customer service to all of its members. Apart from its primary service, it is also expected to retrieve various bonuses which will create interesting and biggest events for you. Easy registration system along with high speed server is highlights of soho poker. It is considered to be top most sites in Indonesia and also called safest site. As with other sites, you no need to pay any registration fee. You can make your deposit with Rs. 10,000. If you want to know about further features, you can revise back your experience with poker games you already played on soho poker. Whatever may be your case, you can be either experienced or beginner to card game in Indonesia, you can start your experience with soho poker and create your enthusiasm with playing games like poker, dominoqq, ceme, black jack, capsa flats, live poker and etc.

Best Customer Service:

For any gaming site, customer service is very important. When you concern soho poker to play qq domino game, you can stay away from fear with customer service. At any time, they are ready to serve you. They will provide you 24 hour service. Apart from just being as gaming site, you can also enjoy playing games with proper tricks and tips. Their main aim is to make every player as winner and thus they provide tips to players to win the game. Sohopoker can also be accessed via mobile phones and gadgets without need to download it. If you want to just start your experience with soho poker, you have to click on the menu live chat with customer service. They are ready to serve you 24 hours without any interrupts. You can obtain bonus from any point of views with games like bonus for deposit, bonus for gaming and bonus for withdraw. Their main aim is to make players to win over games. With their aim, people always make them as first to play casino games like dominoqq. Soho poker is being places in top position for its services.

postheadericon Poker Online Best & Speedy Game Earning Cash

Are you looking for best online casino? Do you enjoy online casino games? Then what are you waiting for? This article will help you finding the best online casino that you can earn real hard cash in your account. Now the important question is why people prefer to play online casino games like poker, slot, football and more instead of going land based casinos. If you can think smart then you can easily realize the reasons that why people go for online casino gaming comparing to physical casinos. One of the most popular online casino games is online poker game. From the year of 1998, the popularity of online poker game has been raising day by day due abundance numbers of players.

Why People Choose Online Poker Play Option?

When you are real fan of poker online and do not want to miss single chance to play this game every day, online casinos are the best play to fulfill your desire. There is no legal boundary playing online poker games over the world. If you are willing to play poker game online then you are 100% free as well as secure to play this game. The most interesting part is that when you play poker game via online casino, you can play the game from the coziest corner of your home. You can get chance to play of multi tabling whether you are just at the beginner mode. In Land based casinos, you can only play your poker only at one table but at online casinos you can play with ten tables simultaneously.

Fun Playing Poker Game Online

When you can play your poker game with more than one table at a time, you never miss playing online poker. Ten tables at a time is only possible at online casinos. While you get the chance of playing 10 tables, you have the chance to win more cash at small time. The more you play the more you earn for your pocket. Reasons are many that smart people choose online casinos to play poker nowadays. Let us have a look playing poker game online.

  • You can play from your home.
  • Play all round the clock, 24/7 in a week and over the year.
  • You can choose massive online poker games
  • The speed of game is awesome and you can play more hands in every hour.

The best part of playing poker online is that you need not bear any money to visit casino as well as you can save your energy for quality playing on your table.